• 1. Iron Girl (Feat. Lim of Wonder Girls)
    2. Truth
    3. Ain’t Nobody
    4. Bond (Feat. Beenzino)
    5. Wherever Together
    6. Peter Pan
    7. Nothing Lasts Forever



HA:TFELT’s 1st Mini Album ‘Me?’ A Heartfelt Album Spoken from the Heart
Singer-Songwriter HA:TFELT, Releases Her 1st Mini Album ‘Me?’, an Album about Her Story

-July 31st, 2014, Singer-Songwriter HA:TFELT Releases an Album
-Jointly writes and composes total of 7 songs, including the title song ‘Ain’t Nobody’
-An autobiographical 1st album including the stories of ‘You, Me, Us’ comes to the world

HA:TFELT’s 1st Mini Album ‘Me?’ is an album introducing a new artist by the name of HA:TFELT. The nom de plume HA:TFELT is an ambiguous compound word made up of “Heartfelt” and “Hot”, showing her will to make music warm-hearted and Hot felt.

The original subject of HA:TFELT’s 1st Mini Album ‘Me?’ is raised upon the question ‘Who’s with me?’ In other words, questioning who will stand by her while giving an answer that she herself will go along with. In advanced, the song implies that even if no one understands her, she will just be herself.

There are a total of 7 songs including title song ‘Ain’t Nobody’, all jointly written, composed, and arranged with composer 이우민 ‘collapsedone’ (Lee Woo Min) in New York.

HA:TFELT’s autobiographical album, narrates a story about ‘Me’ in track 1 ‘Iron Girl (Feat. Lim of Wonder Girls), a story about ‘You’ in track 7 ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, and a story about ‘You, Me, Us’ in track 2~6.

The title song ‘Ain’t Nobody’ is a song about the confused emotions toward a betrayal lover, gaining sympathy from the listeners and simultaneously moving one’s body with a trendy beat.

A song about HA:TFELT’s own story, ‘Iron Girl (Feat. Lim of Wonder Girls)’ is distinctive in that it shows her passion for music with autobiographical, recited lyrics and the rap was made by Lim and SOOLJ. ‘Truth’ describes the last moments of the break up in a relationship where the opposition continues lying in its lyrics. ‘Bond (Feat. Beenzino)’ was made up upon the main theme of 007, figuratively speaking of an irresistible bad guy like James Bond.

Besides this, ‘Wherever Together’, a song filled with happiness from meeting one’s soul mate, ‘Peter Pan’, a song longing for one’s unrestricted childhood, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ a song in memory of 정다운, who passed away of brain tumor in 2013 are included in the album. She expresses her heartfelt emotions and thoughts of joy, sorrow, and longing in one’s life.

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